03.04.2007 “An international conference about the perspectives of development of transport and logistics on border of Latvia and Russia is going to take place”

April 10 an international conference „Transport and Logistics – Problems and Facilities” will take place in Daugavpils. Director of Latgale Region Development Agency Maris Bozovics informs that in this conference the question of transit facilities of border regions of Latvia and Russia will be talked over. Its development perspectives will be studied there, as well.

One of the main objectives of the conference is to enable interested parties of both countries – Latvia and Russia, their representatives of management, science, transport and logistics and of many other areas to exchange opinions concerning problems related to the development of those Latvia and Russia border territories that are located within reach of the main road St. Petersburg – Luga, Pskov – Ostrov – Rezekne – Daugavpils, the one of the international significance.

“We hope that the conference and project in general will make a contribution in the elaboration of strategy concerning common spatial development of this territory as well as its results will help in formulating the most perspective directions of transport infrastructure development and defining tasks of high priority,” tells M.Bozovičs.

The conference is organized within the framework of the project “Remote access” “New Spatial Development Zone for Border Regions of Latvia and Russia – Connecting Potentials of Two Countries” of the Latgale Region Development Agency programme INTERREG/TACIS. It is arranged by the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia and the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government in collaboration with administrations of Pskov, Leningrad Oblasts and St. Petersburg City. The objective of the project is to develop potential of the common spatial zone. To provide the achievement of this goal, one of the project activities is working out the common spatial development strategy of Latgale and Vidzeme Regions, Pskov and Leningrad Oblasts.

The conference “Transport and Logistics – Problems and Opportunities” will take place at the hotel “Park Hotel Latgola” in Daugavpils. Its opening is on April 10, at ten o’clock. The working languages – Latvian, Russian and English. In the conference the following project partners will take part: Latgale Region Development Agency and Vidzeme Development Agency from Latvia, joint-stock company “Region Expo” (Leningrad Oblast), “North-West Information and Analytics Centre of Transport and Logistics ILOT” (St. Petersburg).

Additional Information: Māris Bozovičs, Director of Latgale Region Development Agency +3715428111 maris.bozovics@latgale.lv