Implementation of Life-long Learning Programmes for Human Resource Development in Social Sector in Latgale Region


Programme: EEA financial instrument and the bilateral financial instrument of the Norwegian government priority “Human resource development and education”

Project title: Implementation of Life-long Learning Programmes for Human Resource Development in Social Sector in Latgale Region

Lead partner: Latgale Planning region

Involved municipalities: Daugavpils district, Rezekne district, Kraslava district, Ludza district, Preili district, Daugavpils city, Rezekne city, Ludza town, Balvi town, Livani county, Preili county

The overall objective of the project: to promote and strengthen life-long learning opportunities in municipalities of Latgale Region for those employed in the social sector thus strengthening municipal capacity to provide social support and services to vulnerable and marginalized community groups and contributing to better quality of local and regional community.

Specific aims: to provide extensive and structured training to those employed in the social sector; to create functional basis for sustainable networking of social workers and institutions for life-long learning.

The target groups of the project: municipalities and their social institutions as well as 701 social workers of Latgale Region – social workers, care takers, social care takers and heads of social institutions directly responsible for provision of social assistance to local community, local vulnerable and marginalized community groups who are in need to receive professional social assistance and services to better integrate into community life and obtain social skills.

Project activities:
1. Project management, coordination and reporting activities
2. Implementation of qualification programme:
Module “Legislation in social sector” (6 days)
Module “Specifics of social work” (21 day)
Module “Achieving standards of social work. Capacity Building” (12 days)
Module “Communication skills” (6 days)
Module “Care at home” (7 days) – will be attended by carers.
3. Establishing cooperation network of social workers
Informative seminars in 7 target municipalities
Project publicity activities
Organization of social conference

Project results:

  1. 701 social workers trained and received certificates, training programme of 408 hours delivered in 7 training sites for 27 training groups.
  2. 3000 copies of project informative progress brochure published and disseminated in all the municipalities, social institutions and libraries of Latgale Region.
  3. Social Work Handbook in 2000 copies prepared (based on training materials), published and disseminated in municipalities of Latgale region.
  4. The network of Latgale social workers established and functional.
  5. Project closing Social Conference organized (200 participants).
  6. Contribution made to life-long training tradition and culture in the social sector of Latgale Region thus raising capacity and quality of social service delivery and life quality of the socially excluded and vulnerable community groups.

Project period: 18 months (starting in August 2009).

Project status: on 09.06.2008. submitted for evaluation

Contact information: Guna Kornijenko, e-mail:; phone: +371 654 28111

Mūžizglītības programmu ieviešana cilvēkresursu attīstībai sociālajā jomā Latgales reģionā