Fostering Capacity for Business Development in Latgale-Utena Cross Border Region, acronym REGION INVEST

Programme: The Latvia–Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013

Project title: Fostering Capacity for Business Development in Latgale-Utena Cross Border Region, acronym REGION INVEST

Lead partner: Latgale Planning Region

Project partners: Latgale Region Development Agency (Latvia), Daugavpils University (Latvia), Ignalina Nuclear Power Plan Regional Development Agency (Lithuania), Utena County Governor’s Administration (Lithuania).

The target groups of the project:
1) 360 businesses who received 6 modules training in business management, starting a business and planning exports.
2) 80 representatives of business information centres, business associations, municipalities who develop and apply technology approach in Technology workshops.
3) 40 companies with potential for innovations and high technologies who participate in cross border experience exchange.
4) 400 representatives of the business sector who receive consultation in innovations and exports.
5) 40 private and public partners who have investment portfolios developed and 4 of them actively marketed.
6) 20 companies with innovative products exposed at business fairs.
7) 200 participants of Business Forum (businesses, researchers, municipalities, incubators).
8) 20000 people of the Region who gain support via cross border strategies for research and technologies in business, research and information dissemination.
9) 4 business incubators that are equipped with 35 working stations in Daugavpils, Kraslava, Preili, Livani and linked into the Baltic Country of Lakes’ research and technology network along with Visaginas business incubator and 4 information centres, and 70m2 research auditorium in Daugavpils University.
10) 5 project partners’ institutions that increase their experience and capacity in fostering business development, exports, investments, business incubation facilities, based on joint cross border approach and learning from each other.
11) In middle-term also students of Daugavpils University who undertake project management course, bachelor degree, master degree in business administration from Latvia and Lithuania cross border area (but not limited to that) and are innovative and competitive in business

The overall objective of the project: to promote business stabilization and development in the area of 9 municipalities at the very border of Latgale and Utena region through joint cross border approach to fostering exports and production, promoting cooperation between business and academic sector in the economic development space Baltic Country of Lakes.

Specific aims:

  1. To improve skills and knowledge of existing business and start-ups in business management, starting business and exports by delivery of 6 training modules for 360 business trainees for immediate impact and develop 3 study programmes for bachelor’s “Culture and Business Relations in Eastern Europe”, master’s “Business Administration” and “Project Management” course for middle term impact in Latvia-Lithuania border area.
  2. To create Baltic Country of Lakes’ research and technology network, involving business, academic and public sectors for innovation and high technology development in business in Latvia-Lithuania border area through 8 technology workshops facilitated by the researchers of Daugavpils University.
  3. To develop joint strategic approach in Latvia-Lithuania border area to joint activities in exports, investment attraction and joint business activities through developing 40 investment portfolios of the sites with most potential, strategies and active direct marketing measures.
  4. To improve business incubation infrastructure by setting equipped 35 working stations for incubees in Daugavpils, Kraslava, Preili, Livani BI, reconstructing 70m2 of auditorium at Daugavpils University research centre with video conferencing equipment and reconstructing Visaginas business incubator.

Project activities and results:
WP I Management and Coordination:
Steering committee meetings (4), Project work group meetings (8), partners prepare 20 individual reports and 4 progress reports, press releases (18), partners’ websites updated (5).
WP II Communication and dissemination:

  1. Project leaflet (250 copies each RP)
  2. Publications in national and local mass media (3)
  3. Publicity on TV (2)
  4. Press releases (5)
  5. Elaboration of regional profile for investors
  6. Organization of Business Forum
  7. Marketing campaign
  8. Strategy and action plan on CBC business
  9. Study Trips (2)
  10. Technology workshops (8), creation of Research and technology network (1)

WP III Business Support Services:

  1. Preparation of the 3 study programmes.
  2. Joint feasibility study on investment sites (20+20) with creation of joint data base.
  3. Research “Cooperation perspectives of business and science”.
  4. Trainings, 6 modules in LV-LT “Business management”, “Start-ups”, “Export planning” (360 participants).
  5. Strategy on Research and technology development for cross border area (middle term).
  6. Manual for business start-ups and evaluation tool.
  7. Participation in 2 exhibitions (RP1, RP3), 20 representatives, and 4 investment sites marketed.
  8. 400 consultations to be provided on business starting and export planning (200+200)

WP IV Business Support Infrastructure:

  1. Installation of partition wall in Preili business incubator; renovation of Daugavpils University auditorium (70 m2) and Visaginas BI.
  2. Purchase of equipment for Preili, Daugavpils, Livani and Kraslava business incubators, Daugavpils University, mobile exhibition stands for LV-LT investment exhibitions:

PC with software-5 and equipment,table-7,chair-76,cabinet-10, alarm-1, reconstruction of walls (Preili), PC with software-5 and equipment,table-10, chair-20, shelves-10,board multifunctional-1, other (Livani), PC with software-10 and equipment, table-15, chair-20, cabinets-10, board-2 (Daugavpils), PC with software-5 and equipment, table-8, chair-13, cabinet-5, board-1 (Kraslava), hard equipment (details in FS).
35 working stations to be furnished and equipped for incubees in Latgale.

Project period: 24 months

Project status: on 30.04.2009. submitted for evaluation
Contact information: Inese Kursīte, phone: +371 654 28111,

Uzņēmējdarbības attīstības kapacitātes veicināšana Latgales-Utenas pārrobežu reģionā, akronīms REGION INVEST