Enhancement of Education, Health and Social Development for Joint Community Target Groups in Cross Border Region of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus


The Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013

Priority 2:

Addressing common challenges

Measure 2.2.:

Enhancement of education, health and social sphere development

Project title:

„Enhancement of Education, Health and Social Development for Joint Community Target Groups in Cross Border Region of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus” (acronym HEALTH IS WEALTH)

Lead partner:

Latgale Region Development Agency

Project partners:

Latvia: Latgale Planning Region
Lithuania: Anikschai municipality, Zarasai municipality,
Belarus: Department on Physical Training, Sport and Tourism of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee

The overall objective of the project:

to increase cross-border region’s LV, LT, BY population involvement in healthy lifestyle activities leading to more integrated and healthy society

Specific objectives:

  1. Improve diversity and accessibility of public sports infrastructure;
  2. Increase involvement in sport activities, with emphasis on sports as a way of social rehabilitation for social risk groups;
  3. Increase region’s population and administration awareness about key elements of healthy lifestyle.

The target groups of the project:

  1. Disabled people; the elder ganeration and other socially excluded groups in Latgale region, Vitebsk region, Anyksciai and Zarasai districts (~1 740 934 people);
  2. Local, regional authorities and public social sports institutions;
  3. Joint cross border area inhabitants of all age groups: young people, children, elderly people, men and women.

Project activities and results:

1. Activity Group I Management and Coordination:

1.1 4 SC meetings;
1.2. 6 PIU meetings.

2. Activity Group II Improvement of Infrastructure Accessibility:

1. LV: renovation of sports hall in Livani secondary school No.2; renovation works for sports fields in Daugavpils county, Ilukste county, Kraslava county, Riebini county.
2. LT: renovation works in sports fields of Anyksciai and Zarasai cities; renovation works for sports fields in Anyksciai and Zarasai cities.
3. BY: renovation works for sports fields in 10 districts of Vitebsk Oblast.
4. Necessary equipment for sports tournaments – 342 balls (for basketball, volleyball, football), 204 sports uniforms (for basketball, volleyball, football) and other sports inventory for all the playing teams from LV ,LT, BY.
In total 1 sport hall will be renovated (LV). 18 sport fields will be improved (4 in LV, 2 in LT, 12 in BY)

3. Activity Group III Involvement and Awareness Building:

1. Tournaments: 10 basketball, 10 volleyball, 6 futsal, 6 streetball, 3 football (7×7), 3 beach volleyball, 3 wrestling un 3 judo tournaments organized. Total: 44 tournaments.
2. Regulations for the sport championships, calendar of rounds.
3. Championships will be organised as tournaments taking place in LV – 17 tournaments, LT – 14 tournaments, BY – 13 tournaments in 8 kinds of sports in accordance with the approved calendar.
4. Teams: In basketball 10 men, 8 women and 8 youth teams; in volleyball 10 men, 8 women and 8 youth teams, in futsal – 12 men and 12 youth teams; in streetball 12 mixed teams, in football (7×7) 15 youth teams, in beach volleyball 12 mixed teams, in wrestling 8 youth teams, in judo 8 youth teams will take part. Total: 131 teams from LV, LT, BY.
5. 1 final show of the championship with participation of ‘dream teams’ (1 team from each side LV, LT, BY) and individual contests.

4. Activity Group IV Promotion of Inclusion and Healthy Life-Style:

Action website maintained and updated on the regular basis placing in it information about the games, results, teams, best players from LV, LV, BY. The regulations of the all championships and tournaments will also be put on the website. The logos for the championship and the tournaments and poster design will be used and stickers will be placed on the purchased equipment and at the reconstructed sites.
The informative leaflets printed. Information about the action published in the local press and on TV. Information prepared for mass media – 6 press releases, 24 press articles, 3 booklets in LV, LT, BY languages (total 6000 copies).

Project period:

24 months

Project status:

submitted for evaluation on 1 April 2010