Fostering Capacity for Tourism Development in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Cross Border Region


The Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross Border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007-2013

Priority 1:

Promoting sustainable economic and social development

Measure 1.4:

Preservation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage, promotion of cross border tourism

Project title:

Fostering Capacity for Tourism Development in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk Cross Border Region, acronym BELLA DVINA-2

Lead partner:

Latgale Planning Region

Project partners:

Latvia: Latgale Region Development Agency,
Lithuania: Anikschai municipality, Zarasai municipality, Utena TIC,
Belarus: 1. Polotsk City Executive Committee; 2. Braslav district executive committee; 3. Miory district executive committee; 4. Verkhnedvinsk district executive committee; 5. Rossony district executive committee; 6. Institution for promotion of the international dialog and cooperation “Interactia”

Associated Belarusian partners:

  1. Committee on Economy of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee
  2. Department on Physical Training, Sport and Tourism of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee

The overall objective of the project:

to promote tourism development in Cross Border Region of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus through joint cross border approach to fostering tourism export and production, promoting cooperation among tourism sector specialists.

Specific objectives:

  • To develop and promote joint tourism traditions in the Cross Border Region of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus by organizing joint tourism events in Latgale-Utena-Vitebsk region.
  • To improve public infrastructure for joint water-based tourism activities – to make investments in required equipment and reconstruction / construction of tourism information centres, public recreation objects for joint tourism activities in Cross Border Region of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

The target groups of the project:

The target groups of the Project Bella Dvina-2 are inhabitants and people of Latgale region, Vitebsk oblast and Anikscai, Zarasai, Utena district (~1 720 758 inhab.) especially involving:

  • Tourism sector representatives: Tourism information centre (TIC) specialists, Tourism service providers, guides.
  • Tourists, travellers, visitors, local inhabitants
  • Museum specialists/employees; border officers

Project activities and results:

1. Activity Group I Management and Coordination:

1.1.Meeting minutes of 4 SC meetings: March 2011 – Daugavpils (Kick-off meeting for SC and PIU). Minutes of SC meeting in February 2012 – Anyksciai. Meeting minutes of the SC meeting in September 2012 in Polock. Meeting minutes of the SC meeting in February 2013 in Daugavpils;
1.2.Meeting minutes of the 8 PIU;
1.3. 12 press releases, Action’s progress exposed on 13 partners’ websites.

2. Activity Group II Joint tourism objects grading and monitoring system for Bella Dvina and Baltic Country of Lakes areas:

2.1. TOGAMS Guidelines 90 printed, electronic version placed on the Internet portals,, (Content: current situation analysis, methodology for grading and monitoring system, organizational structure of EB, application form for service providers, evaluation criteria and training program for the members of EB).
2.2. 3 cross-border working meetings with overall 126 participants, min 3 ad-hoc working meetings of service providers and project experts
2.3. Mailing to the address of 400 service providers conducted, min. 6 informational articles in regional and local newspapers and internet
2.4. 300 tourism objects and service providers on LV, LT, and BY side visited and evaluated, database updated
2.5. Overall 360 service providers and tourism specialists trained on modern standards of tourists’ services in LV, LT, BY, 360 sets of study materials disseminated
2.6. Action plan for 3 strategic tourism objects – 1 in each participant country elaborated.

3. Activity Group III Joint Marketing Campaign for Bella Dvina and Baltic Country of Lakes areas:

• 10 CBC LV-LT-BY tourist routes developed, 5 selected for promotion
• 3 joint workshops conducted
• catalogue of tourist offers of the partner regions developed and published: 50000 copies (LV, RUS, ENG, DE, LT – 10000 in each language)
• joint LV-LT-BY CBC tourism map developed and published. Number: 100000 (LV, RUS, ENG, LT – 25 000 in each language), 3000 pocket maps
• 2 ad videos produced and broadcasted; at least 3 radio/TV reports broadcasted
• 2 sets of outdoor advertising (bus advertisement) produced
• 6 articles in LV, 8 in LT, 6 in BY media published
• LV-LT-BY tourist region presented at 8 tourist exhibitions in Riga, Vilnius, Hamburg, Minsk and Saint-Petersburg
• brochures about 5 selected CBC tourist routes developed and published. Number of copies: 60 000 (LV, RUS, ENG, DE, LT) – (1 route in 5 languages)
• 3 joint public tourism web sites (,, improved
• 3 promotion tours for tour operators conducted

4. Activity Group IV Joint Tourism events in Bella Dvina and Baltic Country of Lakes areas:

4.1. 6 joint festivals, 2 in each partner region, total 6000 participants and visitors.
4.2. 3 joint tourism forums, 1 in each partner region, 500 participants.
4.3. Final conference in Daugavpils, 200 participants from 3 regions.
Total: 6700 participants involved.

5. Activity Group V Tourism Support Infrastructure in Bella Dvina and Baltic Country of Lakes areas:

1. Improved public recreation sites in LV-LT-BY cross-border region – LV-5, LT-3, BY-8, total -16;
2. Office equipment ensured for better functionality of tourism service provision in Latgale, Utena and Vitebsk regions TIC and tourism information offices;
3. 964 tourism indication signs and stands purchased and installed in the involved LV-LT-BY area.

Project period:

24 months

Project status:

submitted for evaluation on 1 April 2010