Organising Latvian-Lithuanian cross-border basketball championships and streetball tournaments; acronym Ball–Border–Basket


Programme: Latvia and Lithuania Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007 – 2013

Project title: Organising Latvian-Lithuanian cross-border basketball championships and streetball tournaments, acronym Ball–Border–Basket

Lead Partner: Latgale Planning region

Project partners and municipalities: Latgale Region Development Agency, Naujene Rural Municipality, Ilukste district council, Vilani city council, Daugavpils University, Kraslava district council, Preili district council, Rezekne city council, Livani district council, Balvi city council, In Ludza district – Malnava College, Visaginas Municipality, Zarasi district municipality, Rokiski district municipality, Utenas district municipality and sports centre.

The target groups of the project: women and men, adults and youth, socially excluded community groups – youth at risk for drug, alcohol and tobacco addiction, youth from marginalized or low income families, women at risk, people with special needs, local municipalities, sports trainers, coaches, referees, sport organizers, social workers, primary, elementary and vocational schools, social assistance institutions, local and regional NGOs dealing with support to disabled people women, children, youth in neighbouring communities.

The overall objective of the project: to contribute to sustainable and cohesive socio-economic development of the border region to make it competitive and attractive to people through improvement of life quality and access to sports and health facilities in the project area.

Specific aims:

  1. To ensure opportunities for socially excluded community groups and those at health risk to join common health and sports facilities/ activities and raise awareness of healthy lifestyle;
  2. To ensure access to sports and health facilities by developing related infrastructure;
  3. To build capacity of municipalities and their institutions for public service delivery to the community groups;
  4. To promote social inclusion and healthy lifestyle at local, regional and cross-border level.

Project activities and results:
WP1 Project management and coordination: four steering committee meetings; two project management unit meetings.
WP2 Improvement of infrastructure accessibility: in Latvia renovation of sport halls will take place in Daugavpils University, Livani 2 secondary school. In Lithuania the renovation works will be carried out in halls of schools of Zarasai, Rokiški and Visaginas cities. Renovation work for street ball fields will take place in Naujene and Ilukste local municipalities, Kraslava,Preiļi, Rezekne, Malnava, Vilani cities on Latvian side and Zarasai, Utena and Rokiški cities on the Lithuanian side.
WP3 Involvement and Awareness Building: Border Basketball League will be created with 10 teams from LV and LT and regulations for the basketball championship and streetball tournaments will be prepared and approved together with the calendar of rounds.
WP4 Promotion of Inclusion and Healthy Life-Style: Project website will be maintained and later updated on the regular basis placing in it information about the games, results, teams, best players from LV and LV; the informative leaflets will be printed. Information about the project start and streetball tournament will be published in the local press and appear on the TV.

Project period: 18 months

Project status: on 30.06.2008. submitted for evaluation

Contact information: Inese Kursīte,, phone: +371 654 28111

Latvijas - Lietuvas pārrobežu basketbola un strītbola turnīru organizēšana, akronīms Ball–Border–Basket