Partners in Norway


Project is implemeted in cooperation with three Norwegian institutions: Ministry of Local Governments and Regional Development of Norway, Oppland County and Aust-Agder County.

Ministry of Local Governments and Regional Development of Norway is responsible for development of regional and rural policy, the local administration, including the local government funding issues and elections, as well as about housing and construction policy. The ministry comprises Regional Development Department.

Regional Development Department is responsible for the development of regional development and rural development support measures oriented towards creating entrepreneurship, incl. industry, research development, attractive living and business environment. Special support measures are directed towards territories, which demonstrate significant depopulation tendencies and underdeveloped industrial base. One of the most important tools to stimulate production is differentiated employer’s social security contributions.

Ministry of Local Governments and Regional Development of Norway will provide investment in achievement of project objectives and outcomes by sharing its experience and providing information about examples of good practice in dealing with regional policy issues, including various support measures for remote and sparsely populated territories, as well as for territories with underdeveloped industrial base.

Information about Ministry of Local Governments and Regional Development of Norway is available:

Oppland County is situated in the mid-section of the southern part of Norway with the central administration of Oppland County authority located in Lillehammer. The County consists of 26 local governments.

Oppland County is responsible for fostering regional development covering area administration and local development, environment, county employment and economic development, etc. Oppland County is also responsible for regional planning. In the planning process the local authorities are obliged to follow guidelines and targets set by the County council. It is up to the Oppland County that regional considerations at any given time are taken into account in the planning process.

Within the project Oppland County will be the base of the Norwegian project coordinator. Also from Oppland County will participate experts, who will engage in implementation of certain activities.

Information about Oppland County is available:

Aust-Agder County. There are 15 local governments located within the Aust-Agder County, which is situated in the southern part of Norway. Aust-Agder County administration has approximately 110 employees and the county council in Aust-Agder consists of 35 elected representatives.

Aust-Agder County is responsible for public services, regional development and planning, including a variety of services such as: communication, culture, public health, environment, education, entrepreneurship, supporting business and industrial development.

Aust-Agder County has extensive experience from wide-ranging international projects including development initiatives in Tanzania, several Interreg projects and participation in other EU-funded projects. Through its role in promoting regional development the county supports numerous regional projects, investments and research initiatives including private/public partnerships. Aust-Agder County signed a cooperation agreement with Rezekne City Council and Rezekne district in 1996. This agreement was previously renewed for another three years 2012 – 2015.

Information about Aust-Agder County is available: