Council Staff

Latgale Planning Region Development Council (LPRDC):

  • An elected in a general meeting of local government heads collegiate institution and a Latgale Planning Region decision-making body, composed of 9 Latgale local government heads and deputies.

LPRDC representation: one representative elected by a local government from each of the local governments of Latgale Planning Region.

Members of Latgale Planning Region Development Council:

  • Sergejs Maksimovs, Development Council chairperson, Balvu county council chairperson
  • Gunārs Upenieks, Development Council chairperson deputy, Krāslava county council chairperson
  • Aleksandrs Bartaševičs, Development Council chairperson deputy, Rēzeknes city council chairperson
  • Jānis Lāčplēsis, Member of Daugavpils city council
  • Arvīds Kucins, Augšdaugava county council chairperson
  • Andris Vaivods, Līvāni county council chairperson
  • Edgars Mekšs, Ludzas county council chairperson
  • Ārijs Vucāns, Preiļu county council chairperson
  • Monvīds Švarcs, Rēzekne county council chairperson

Main functions of Latgale Planning Region Development Council (LPRDC):

  • region log-term development planning;
  • planning region development coordination;
  • region development program and territory planning elaboration and implementation;
  • assessment of regional planning and development programs of local governments;
  • facilitation of collaboration of local governments and planning region with national level institutions;
  • assessment of national document compliance with planning region’s development program and regional planning;
  • other functions defined in the regulative enactments.