Rēzekne county

Rēzekne county council
Atbrīvošanas avenue 95, Rēzekne,

Key figures:
Total area – 2524 km2
Density -12,6 iedz./km²
Population (2010) – 31876

Rēzekne county is located not far from Latvian border (and entire EU) with Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus, and this opens in-depth cooperation possibilities in all fields.

Various roads of international significance go through the county, such as Riga – Moscow and Saint Petersburg – Warsaw, as well as railroads of same directions, which gives the county status of a convenient transit corridor.

Rēzekne county consists of 25 districts (Audriņi, Bērzgale, Čornaja, Dricāni, Feimaņi, Gaigalava, Griškāni, Ilzeskalns, Kantinieki, Kaunata, Lendži, Lūznava, Malta, Mākoņkalns, Nautrēni, Nagļi, Ozolaine, Ozolmuiža, Puša, Rikava, Sakstagala, Silmala, Stoļerova, Stružani and Verēmi).

There are 8 secondary schools, 7 primary schools, 3 sanatorium boarding-schools and 2 vocational education institutions. After the reorganization of the school network 5 primary schools and Malta children – youth centre became branches of other educational institutions. 7 schools and 19 preschool education institutions are currently teaching preschoolers.

Rēzeknes county is one the richest with cultural monuments. 237 cultural monuments in Rēzeknes county are currently state protected.

Rēzeknes county can also take pride in nonmaterial cultural values – amateur art collectives, artisans, talented and extraordinary people.

Picturesque nature, objects of heritage and nature are a good prerequisite for development of tourism. Tourist agencies of the county can offer recreation by the waters, see cultural heritage sites, take part in festivities and taste Latgallian culinary heritage, feel the special charm of Latgallian language and hospitality.