Latgale Entrepreneurship Centre (LEC)

Latgale Entrepreneurship Centre (LEC) has been functioning in Latgale Planning Region since 2013. The aim of LEC is to provide informative and advisory activities for the support of entrepreneurship in Latgale region. Over the years, LEC has developed strong collaboration with various public authorities and institutions that ensure entrepreneurship support services in the region.

LEC activity area covers all the municipalities of Latgale Planning Region with two offices located in Daugavpils and Rēzekne. LEC advisors are available for entrepreneurs on everyday basis via phone, e-mail and personal consultations.

In 2021 LEC continued to focus on activities for the improvement of business environment, rising the competitiveness of existing enterprises, motivating and encouraging doubters to start a business. It is worth mentioning that the LEC service package is modified every year according to the changes in the business environment and economic policies in Latvia and Latgale region. Also, the compilation of statistical data is made by LEC specialists and published on the website

The range of LEC services can be divided into several categories:

  • Consultations
  • Informative events
  • Activities for competitiveness improvement
  • Motivational activities
  • Informative support

Business incubators (BI) administrated by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have been functioning in Latgale since 2016, and LEC as a member of BI Advisory board (Rēzekne and Daugavpils) makes a decision during the selection of applicants for incubation.


Achievements in 2013-2022

  • Consultations on the business opportunities provided – 4110
  • Consultations on the development of production and services for potential investors provided – 130
  • Free information events on business issues are organized – 119
  • Trade missions abroad are organized – 9
  • Organized specialist visits to companies 30
  • “Latgale Days in Riga” are organized – 8
  • Competition “Latgale Region Entrepreneurs Annual Award” organized 9
  • LEC Business Month “Realize your dream of your business” organized – 10 years, 11 events every year, a total of over 2530 young people involved


Key results of LEC activities in 2021