Investments in Latgale

This material is made up within the framework of the EU Phare CBC project “Latgale and Kaunas investments portfolio” in 2003 that has been accomplished by Latgale Region Development Agency. In this CD there is collected and provided information appropriate for foreign, Latvian investors and entrepreneurs on how to start business in Latgale region.


1.Main information about Latgale (contains map, brief description about the location, distances to the largest cities)

2.Economy (contains information that characterize the economical situation in the Latvia and region)

3.Population (region map with the structure of distribution of population and number of residents in the cities as well as diagrams with descriptions)

4. Entrepreneurship costs

5. How to start business (information about the types of entrepreneurship; procedure of enterprise registration; supporting institutions)

6. Rezekne special economic zone

7. Enclosures:

  • Foundation of the enterprise. Registration in SRS. Practical guidance in enterprise registration.
  • Licences, their regulations and costs;
  • Tax and duty system in Latvia;
  • Staff selection –State Employment Agency’s services and private staff selection companies;
  • The most important laws and regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers.