MINISTRY of FOREIGN AFFAIRS of Latvia: Latgale inhabitants are proud of their region and separatist sentiment is not for them

Latvian regional portal appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State to explain whether the autonomy of Latgale and how the authorities will react to such statements. According to representatives of the portal, this request stemmed from relevant conversations that took place during the last World Congress recently III latgal′cev. Today, 23 August, reporter BakuToday . received a response on behalf of the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Janis Silis. “According to international laws, the boundaries of the territory of the Republic of Latvia are United and indivisible, Silis said. -It is stated in article 3 of the Constitution: the territory of the Latvian State consists of Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme and Zemgale. This means that Latgale is a full and integral part of the country, and its ethnic and cultural diversity is richness of Latvia, to which we are all proud of. Approved by the Government of Latgale region development program for 2012-2013 years aims to promote economic growth and investment. Latgalians are rightly proud of their region, and separatist tendencies and sentiments for them never were typical. However, some individuals coming here “on tour” to preach the idea of separatism and undermine the territorial integrity of Latvia, must first be acquainted with 83-th article of the criminal code providing for deprivation of liberty for a term of three to five years and fines. Such activities will be under special control and suppressed. The Government will protect the constitutional order and the foundations of the Latvian State, “he said in reply to the representative of the Foreign Ministry of Latvia.
We remind that at the moment is at the junction of Latgale, the borders of Lithuania, Belarus and Russia, is considered the most economically backward region of Latvia-what is causing the Government fears of separatist sentiments here. In this regard, most recently the State affirms the need to upgrade the territory — in particular, in may 2012, the Government approved a plan for the development of the region in the near future, containing more than 400 proposals.